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Banquet of the Ten Virgins concludes with a dialogue between Euboulios and Gregorion on which is better, chastity without any real temptation or chastity despite temptation. We also get a shout-out to a lady for whom the book may have been written.

Discourse 11B: Dialogue of Euboulios and Gregorion.


UPDATE: Link fixed. Yes, I keep trying to get more sleep and proofread more effectively. Sigh.


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Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues. In its penultimate segment, Arete decides who wins the banquet. St. Thecla then leads the whole company in a musical number… er, hymn… apparently written in the style of a typical Greek wedding song — to be sung in a call and response style by a chorus leader and an answering chorus of women.

(It’s pretty long, so I put it at the end of this segment for those who want to skip it. Especially since I couldn’t resist making up a tune and singing it. You can’t just read off a long processional hymn, especially one designed as call and response with a chorus! So a musical number it is.)

Discourse 11A: Arete. Hymn to the Bridegroom by Thecla and the company.


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