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“Hail to the Chief” continues its near-future tale of politics and the presidency. Crises continue to happen in the world as the American electorate prepares to cast its vote. Meanwhile, dark shadows of the future appear — if only someone in the campaign would notice…..

Part 3


UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry. I know I keep doing this.

And now, for all the Americans in my audience, a public service announcement from the late Randall Garrett:

“Every man, every woman, who, through laziness or neglect or complacency, failed to make his desire known at the polls in this election—is a fool. Every citizen who thinks that his vote doesn’t count for much, and therefore fails to register that vote—is a fool. Every person who accepts the privileges of American citizenship and considers them as rights, and who neglects the duties of citizenship because they are tiresome—is a fool.”

I am Maria Lectrix, and I approve this message. 🙂


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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues on its textbook way, with a description and explanation of the Asperges (as done in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite Mass).

Chapter 5


I should warn people that my Latin may not be pronounced the way they’re used to hearing it. I took classical Latin in high school, because that’s what my public school district offered. So although I try diligently to pronounce everything in the Italianate pronunciation of church Latin that’s common in traditional circles in the US, there’s a lot of stuff I have trouble remembering to pronounce that way. Also, priests get into a sort of rhythm of prayer just as congregations do, which I certainly do not reproduce! So use this as a textbook for understanding, but not for best practices with the Latin. (There are many CDs and free downloads for hearing the words of the EF Mass said and sung; use them for that.)

Also, if you’re looking for The Story of a Soul, I published the rest of St. Therese’s book on Wednesday, her feastday. I’ll get working on the foreword and epilogue next week.

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