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The Mysterious Affair at Styles continues. Finally. And as the first day of the murder investigation comes to a close, Hastings finds himself worried about Mary Cavendish’s behavior and Poirot’s lack of self-control.

Chapter 5B



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I’m trying to get everything back into shape, as you can see. I will keep catching up on the books as quickly as I can. (And no, I haven’t forgotten that bonus science fiction election story by Garrett!)

The headers have been a bit discombobulated in recent months, too. I want one, ideally, that reflects both the varied content of the podcast and the season of the year. This one’s better and has plenty of warm fuzzy book pictures, but I still need to figure out how to combine these things more effectively. My graphics arrangements skills aren’t great, and neither is my software. But I do enjoy making headers, and anything worth doing _is_ worth doing badly…. 🙂

Anyway, this one is stolen (except for the Wikimedia red autumn leaf) from Rogier van der Weyden, who has grown on me. (Anybody who likes to draw women and books is a friend of this podcast.) The section on the left is the outside of a triptych (mimicking carved and painted wood, I think) and depicts the Annunciation. I’m not wild about Mary’s face in this one, but her book cupboard is awesome! The lady on the left (and the person behind her who’s holding a chaplet or rosary) is from a painting of St. Mary Magdalene, although what she’s doing looks more like St. Mary of Bethany mode. The spring green dress is practically chartreuse in the original, it looks like. Anyway, since October is the month of Lepanto and the Rosary, I thought that scene would fit.

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The Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues, as Domnina rushes happily through a discourse on the story from Judges about the trees who elected a king.

(If you’re just starting this book, keep bearing in mind as you listen that chastity is the virtue of engaging in sex and employing your body and soul in it only in ways fitting to your state in life. So a wife having sex with her husband — in a fitting and not degrading way, not using him or being used by him as an object, and for the right reasons — is being chaste. And a virgin not having sex — and not doing anything perverse that’s up to and not including sex — is also being chaste. Anybody can be chaste, starting right where they are. Virginity, celibacy, etc. are all about specific states in life.)

Discourse 10: Domnina.


Next week, Philosophy’s daughter, Arete (Virtue/Excellence), will round out this little symposium picnic with a discourse of her own.

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