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The Story of a Soul concludes with passionate descriptions of Therese’s comforting dream of Mother Ana de Jesus (Ana de Lobera) in the midst of her Dark Night of the Soul; Therese’s desire to hold every vocation and how she reconciled them all; and of her longing to gaze at the Sun of Justice and be snatched up by the Divine Eagle.

The foreword, about Therese’s family background, and the epilogue about Therese’s death, will hopefully be finished for next week. As I think I’ve mentioned here before, Therese’s parents will be beatified on Oct. 19 of this year in Lisieux.

Chapter 11B


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The Story of a Soul continues, as St. Therese talks about her support for priests and missionaries, and specifically the priests she “adopted” as brothers.

Chapter 11A



This is the last chapter of The Story of a Soul. The rest of this chapter will be uploaded later today. The foreword and afterword will be included next week.

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The Story of a Soul continues. St. Therese talks about caring for the sick and caring for the unloved, and tells the story of helping a crotchety old nun who badly needed help and smiles.

Chapter 10B


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The Story of a Soul continues. St. Therese talks about love, and what she has learned about training novices and doing spiritual direction.

Chapter 10A: The New Commandment.


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In a feat of epic forgetfulness, I recorded multiple chapters of this puppy and forgot to post them after my Internet connection came back. Now I suddenly realize this, since it’s St. Therese Day!

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