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“Code Three” continues, as our future highway patrollers catch a speeder.

Part 5


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Technical Difficulties

I’ve been dead tired lately. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep time, but not sleeping well. (It’s been a stressful month, what with fire, windstorm, and all.) I’ve also put on a lot of weight, thanks to me chowing down hard and then not being able to sleep. Also, choir and Choraleers have started up again. On top of everything, I just can’t shake this feeling of malaise. (Probably from the lack of sleep.)

So instead of recording on the weekends, I’ve mostly been napping. And on weeknights, I’ve been napping. And even when I try to stay awake, I start napping anyway. I also don’t seem to have a lot of creative juice. The upshot is that I’ve fallen behind rather badly, even now that I have my Internet back.

I am going to try to catch back up, but I’m afraid that will take place rather slowly. I’m going to have to prioritize sleep and exercise for a bit. But this is why subscribing to the podcast is a good thing; you won’t miss anything new that I put out.


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