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Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues, as Thecla finishes up her interpretation of the Book of Revelation, and tells us about the importance of factoring numbers!

Discourse 8B


I’ve run into a lot of patristic authors arguing that the Woman is the Church, carrying along Christ, who’s the Child with the iron rod. However, St. Methodius argues that the Child is the individual believer whom the Church has given birth to (in Baptism, which is pretty standard). The individual believer is being depicted with Biblical attributes of Christ because the believer is born again in the image and likeness of Christ.

So if you can depict the individual newborn believer with attributes of Jesus, it seems pretty clear that you can depict the individual believer with attributes of the Church also. It would seem that pretty much anybody who witnesses and teaches Christ could be depicted as the Woman, bearing Christ and laboring to bring forth new believers. St. Paul. Your mom, teaching Sunday school.

And, of course, Mary.

I mean, even if you don’t want to agree to her being ever-virgin or the Mother of God or anything else, to the point that the only title you’ll give her is her own name without even her patronym, you’ve got to admit that, by bringing forth Jesus Christ, and because she was present at Pentecost and was hence being one of the speaking in tongues witnesses, she clearly brought forth new believers.

So clearly it’s correct to depict her as the Woman with robe and crown and all. And why not? Every believer who perseveres is supposed to wear a white robe and a crown of glory in Heaven. Are you going to leave Mary out?  What is she, chopped liver? 🙂


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