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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues, with more of this interesting textbook.

Chapter 2: The Essence of the Mass.


Alas, 70’s catechesis! I must read RCIA textbooks from the early 1900’s to supply your well-meant deficiencies!


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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues, with a very short chapter.

Chapter 1: The Doctrine of the Sacrifice of the Mass.


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The Story of a Soul continues, as Therese discusses the “dark night” of her soul, and how she learnt that her tuberculosis was becoming more severe.

Ch. 9A: The Night of the Soul.


Btw, I apologize for not posting during most of this week. I will try to be more timely.

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles continues, as Poirot sniffs and tastes dangerous stuff. Just like Mulder. Just like that guy on Due South. Just like chemistry students with insufficient regard for their own tastebuds.

Chapter 5: “It Isn’t Strychnine, Is It?”


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The Ring and the Book continues, as Pompilia tells what happened on her wedding day.

Book 7B


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