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The Mysterious Affair at Styles continues, with the last peaceful chapter before the bodies start to fall. Mwahaha!

Chapter 2: The 16th and 17th of July.


Btw, I have to apologize to the free audiobook community for not having read this book on the podcast two years ago. I was satisfied with the way Librivox put the book out — maybe three years ago? — and I was unaware of further developments. (Yeah, I keep forgetting to read my emails and news forums.)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Secret Adversary are clearly in the public domain under US copyright law. But lawyers for the Estate of Agatha Christie claimed that, even though he had deliberately placed Librivox and all its file storage under US jurisdiction,  the Canadian citizenship of Librivox’s founder put everything under Canadian law.

Normally, the attitude of a public domain project towards such legal silliness and foofaraw is a lofty indifference, or perhaps one of Project Gutenberg’s boilerplate letters of famously cool tone. However, the Canadian legal system is odd and lawyers are expensive, so the Librivox folks decided to take down their Christie materials. (See “chilling effect”.)

Perhaps the law is an ass, as one of Charles Dickens’ characters said. In this case, the poor little donkey has been much put upon. So as a proud American citizen, I invite the lawyers allegedly working for the late great Agatha Christie to soothe that poor little donkey’s feelings. Please, kiss my American copyright ass!

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The Ring and the Book continues, as Fr. Caponsacchi finishes telling his side of the story. (Next week, Pompilia finally gets to have her say.)

Book 6F


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