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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues.  Vincent brings up the fear of violent death.

Book 3, Chapters 24-25.


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The Story of a Soul continues. Teenaged Therese receives gifts of spiritual growth but is discouraged from following her vocation by adults, who feel she’s too young to become a Carmelite yet. (Since she was kinda sickly and had suffered from depression, you can see where they might not want her to go someplace where she had to work for her living, sing and pray on an intense schedule, and walk around in sandals even in the wintertime.)

Chapter 5: Vocation of Therese.


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The Mysterious Affair at Styles begins! Young Captain Hastings is recovering from a wound received in France, and gets to spend a little R&R with some old family friends. But something ominous is in the air….

Chapter 1


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