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The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath isn’t much like a typical Lovecraft story. It starts with a scene that’s pretty, not soul-shattering, eerie, or rugous and tentacular. But Lovecraftian elements (the Other Gods from Outside) are present, the main character is also the hero of other stories, the cats of Ulthar make their presence felt, and so forth. You get a lot of Dunsany-inspired writing (and sly side-remarks), too; but this isn’t a story that Dunsany really would have told. (Especially not the friendly and heroic cat parts.)

Part 1


If you’re wondering why it’s forbidden to kill a cat in Ulthar, you might want to listen to Lovecraft’s story “The Cats of Ulthar” in Librivox’s Short Story Collection 7.

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The Moon Pool continues, as our friends go hiking and get in touch with nature.

Chapter 23: Dragon Worm and Death Moss.


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