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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues, with tales of scientific etiquette, stage door Johnnies, and not-so-true love.

Pps. 17-21.

“The Society on the Stanislaus” by Bret Harte.
“An Actor” by John Wolcot.
“The Biter Bit” by William E. Aytoun.
“Ode to Tobacco” by Charles Stuart Calverley.


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The Ring and the Book continues, as we finally hear from the accused.

Book 5A: Count Guido Franceschini.


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After closing himself up in the depths of an Egyptian tomb, St. Anthony of Egypt faces his demons… literally! Don’t miss the latest exciting episode in… The Life of Antony!

Part 2


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The Pilgrimage of Egeria ends with a look at Jerusalem’s baptismal customs, and at the feast day of the discovery of the True Cross.

Part 11


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