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A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation continues. More recommends that people ought to consider ahead of time just what they might lose through persecution.

Book 3, Chapters 2 and 3



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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, as we begin a chapter on the continuity of Christian principles.

Chapter 7: Application of the Second Note of a True Development – Continuity of Principles.


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Legacy continues, as Trigger is finally reunited with her boyfriend Brule. But will this give her the peace she thinks it will?

Chapter 18


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I thought I’d put up some lighter poems to compensate for all the noir stuff from Browning, and found A Treasury of Humorous Poetry. This 1902 collection is nothing if not varied. In the first nine pages, we deal with gambling, battlefield injuries, lost love, horrible puns, the sea, and cannibalism.

Pp. 1-9:
“Honest Language from Truthful James” by Bret Harte
“Faithless Nelly Gray” by Thomas Hood
“The Ahkoond of Swat” by George T. Lanigan
“The Yarn of the Nancy Bell” by William S. Gilbert


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The Ring and the Book continues, with more explanation of events by someone who takes a “moderate” view of everyone involved. But is that view any easier to believe?

Book 4C


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Author News!

UPDATE: He’s not being beatified yet; the miracle’s been okayed but they’re still working through the rest. Fiddlesticks.

There’s not often any new news about the authors I read for you. But the author of An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, John Henry Newman (later Cardinal Newman and Ven. Newman) will soon be beatified. He will thus become known as the Blessed John Henry Newman!

For those of you not up on his cause, there’s always been a lot of devotion to Newman and a general sense that yeah, he’s a saint standing up there before the Throne. But the Vatican procedure for discerning whether God has so favored a person, includes reading all his writings and checking for unrenounced theological errors. Newman was hugely prolific, so that was bound to take a while.

But the other big obstacle was a mysterious lack of miracles obtained through Newman’s intercession. There were three theories about this.

A) People just don’t think of Newman’s in connection with healing, which is the usual sort of miracle used to objectively verify God’s favor being with a saint. It’s hard to prove that Newman’s prayers helped you pass a test, and “moral miracles” of conversion of heart and mind don’t count for sainthood cause purposes.

B) English people don’t do much asking for prospective saints’ prayers, and England was where devotion to Newman was centered. Stiff upper lips aren’t good for causes, in this view.

C) God has been withholding miracles for a later date, when devotion to St. John Newman would be more useful to His purposes.

Theory C seems to be the correct one, as two potential medical miracles have emerged in the last few years. However, Theory B may have not been entirely wrong, as the beatification miracle (inexplicable cure of a spinal cord injury) came from Boston, and the other potential miracle allegedly comes from America, too. But the English are still working on his cause!

And yes, I know that not everybody who reads this site will cotton to this stuff. Not everybody here is Catholic or even Christian, but I’m both and so was Newman; so you’ll just have to put up with us. 🙂

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The Apollo Chronicles is a fascinating little series of podcasts and articles, telling little-known stories of the Apollo Program and life on the Moon. NASA put it together and us U.S. taxpayers already paid for it, so don’t let it go to waste! I like “Moondust and Duct Tape”.

Via Slashdot.

PS — If you’re looking for the latest installments of The Moon Pool or The Worm Ouroboros, just scroll down past Egeria.

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