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Excuses, Excuses

Yes, I slacked off on Super Bowl Sunday and watched Pucca and the Puppy Bowl instead of doing anything useful. I also listened to a bunch of Italian cartoon songs, downloaded old Canadian cartoons you can’t get on DVD, and found out that Highlander: The Animated Series is now available as a twenty-buck box set. Today, however, I’ve had a nearly continuous sinus headache all day, so I have a legitimate excuse for taking to my bed.

Seriously, though… I’m not sure why I’m feeling so blah lately, but I definitely have been. So I’m thinking it might be a wise idea to take off this week, get the start of Lent and fasting into my system and get solidly back on my diet, finish the double dose of Ash Wednesday Mass and choir practice, fight off the weird colds that are going around at work, and then start up fresh next week. I think maybe I’ve just put too much on my plate, and my body and mind know it even though the rest of me doesn’t.

Sorry for the inconvenience and my prolonging of cliffhangers.

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