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The Girl of the Golden West continues. Ramerrez may have been saved from one peril, but he’s not out of the woods yet — or the snowstorm, for that matter.

This is the antepenultimate chapter! (The chapter before the chapter before the last one!)

Chapter 14


This book’s chapters are normally posted on Sunday for your listening pleasure on Monday. But given all the days I’ve missed this month, I’m putting this up today (on the theory that one should make hay while the sun shines). Hope I don’t confuse anybody!

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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues. Newman considers more instances of doctrinal development in practice in the early Church: original sin, infant baptism, communion in the hand, and the homousion.

(Btw, I know I don’t correctly pronounce homousion, or homoiousion, or any of that Greek stuff. Sorry. I do try, but I’ve never taken any kind of Greek.)

Ch. 4B


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We close out Book I of A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation with a discussion of why we should not consider prosperity and tribulation as equally neutral states, each just as potentially helpful or harmful as the other. We also think about charity and other good practices as a sort of voluntary trouble and suffering.

Book 1, Chs. 19-20.


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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues, as Vincent asks Anthony, “If trouble’s so good for the soul, why help anybody in trouble, pray to have troubles solved, or do anything about our own troubles?”

Bk. 1, Chs. 17-18


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Sorry for My Silence!

I caught a cold, and thus didn’t get out of the house last week. (I also got hoarse, so I couldn’t catch up my recording, either.) And yes, my home computer problems continue, so I’m still restricted to uploading my podcast files from places with free wi-fi. I do intend to get this fixed, but my computer guru brother is still busy with work for which he actually gets paid in the formal sense. So… I’ll upload as much as I can, but don’t count on regularity for a while. Prayers would be much appreciated. (Is there a patron saint for telephony connections and computer health?)

However, I expect that the sainted More is right, and all this trouble is a gift! There’s nothing for humility and gratitude like a lesson in the fragility of life, good weather, computer cards, hobbies, and Internet connections. So either God is highly optimistic about my prospects for sainthood, or He figures I need said lesson pretty bad. 🙂

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