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On Prayer continues, with a discussion of four different types of prayer.

The classical division (shared by Jews and Christians) is petition, praise/adoration, thanksgiving, and contrition. Origen goes with Paul’s list to Timothy: request, prayer, thanksgiving, and intercession. Interesting stuff!

Chapter 9: The Four Moods of Prayer


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On Prayer continues, as Origen discusses the place of prayer in human life, and scriptural examples of the power and importance of prayer.

Chapters 7-8


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I thought my difficulty this week would be getting on the Internet with my laptop, and hence having to go out of my house. Instead, the difficulty is that archive.org is very busy, and it’s hard to get uploading done! C’mon, people, go Christmas shopping in the real world or play outside, but get off the Net today!

Oh, wait — that would make podcasting a bit pointless, wouldn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got everything recorded for pretty much the rest of the week. I just finished the short novel Brain Twister. (A telepathic spy all wrapped up for Christmas? Just what the FBI always wanted!) I also intend to finish Book One of A Dialogue against Tribulation this week. (Nothing to put your own troubles into proportion like reading a resolute book by a man condemned to death.) The Girl of the Golden West is also rapidly approaching its end — before or just after the New Year, I think.

So if you’ve got any suggestions for stories, poems, novels, or nonfiction of any kind or length, now would be a good time to speak up in the comment box!

Also, when my computer at home recovers from its confusion, I’m going to try to tag these podcasts. Also, I mean to make some pages for my complete podcasts of short stories, essays, and other shorter pieces. (I know I should have done all this long ago, and I apologize heartily for my sloth.)

Whatever happens over at archive.org, though, I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and a blessed Epiphany.  Even if you don’t celebrate them yourself. 🙂

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