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UPDATE: Computer at home now won’t boot up except in safe mode, and can’t get on Internet. Don’t know what’s wrong. Will post when I can, from my laptop.

It’s been a busy few weeks at work, and I’m trying to get everything done so I can use up my vacation days before they vanish into history. I’m also trying to get my Christmas presents ready so I can mail them, and do my Christmas cards, and sing in my two choirs, and deal with family stuff and normal activities and shopping and….

So I really didn’t need technical difficulties, too, but that’s what I’ve got. Sometimes my computer recognizes my ethernet network thingy card, and sometimes not. I took the opportunity to tighten everything up and it worked for a while, but not every time. I also managed to reconnect my second hard drive, but at the apparent cost of a good deal of confusion for poor Mr. Computer. It keeps making me reinstall hardware that’s been connected up for years…weird stuff like that.

Oh, and my firewall isn’t working about half the time, for whatever reason. And my computer clock keeps periodically deciding that it’s the year 2020, even though my BIOS clock is fine; and then suddenly it’s 2007 again! Shrug.

So… I’m sorry for the lack of new podcasts this week so far. I’ll get back on track when I can. Please take the opportunity to explore my archives.

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