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The First Book of Maccabees continues. Not only do we get a big battle, we also hear about the institution of Chanukah!

Chapter 4


Sorry I’m running late on Origen. I’ll put this week’s chapter up later tonight or this morning. (It’s been pretty crazy at work. Also, I’m in two choirs and it’s coming up to Christmas. Yes, I need more hours in the day.) And Americans, don’t forget it’s also the anniversary of a certain Constitutional amendment’s repeal! 🙂

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More Chanukah background information from the First Book of Maccabees! Judah Maccabee takes command of the resistance against King Antiochus.

Judah Maccabee was a pretty important and well-known example to knights in the Middle Ages, and was counted as one of the Nine Worthies. (So was Alexander, who appears briefly in Chapter 1.)

Chapter 3


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More Chanukah background info from the First Book of Maccabees. In this chapter, we meet Judah Maccabee’s dad and see the resistance movement begin!

Chapter 2


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It’s Chanukah time for some folks. You know the story about the lights, but do you know why it happened? If it’s not in your Bible (or if it is) gather round to hear this hair-raising slice of history! (Probably not ideal listening for the wee ones. This is Middle Eastern history.)

Chapter 1


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I’ve found another rich vein of book-holding Madonnas to use for headers. Apparently, it was specifically common in medieval times to draw a book over the belly of a pregnant picture of Our Lady. This brings new meaning to that whole “Mother of Wisdom” thing.

This header is from the “Madonna del Parto” by Taddeo Gaddi. He was a pupil of Giotto.

Raphael’s “La Donna Gravida” seems to allude to this old custom. (Unfortunately, you can barely see the book.)

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