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Here’s another Thanksgiving proclamation of interest:

Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation of 1863.


Podcasting may or may not be light during the rest of the week; I really don’t know. Anyway, be good at your Thanksgiving feast, and avoiding being Bricriu! You may also want to download a cute little Thanksgiving story from 1859, “An Armistice”. Finally, I notice that a lot of people have already been downloading the Mayflower Compact, but here’s a link for those who want it.

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I’ve started a new page of Thanksgiving proclamations.

George Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation of 1789, together with associated material.


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Just in time for Thanksgiving and other festive holiday banquets, I’m going to start the old Irish story of “Bricriu’s Feast”. Bricriu Poisontongue really knows how to throw a party!

Part 1


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On Prayer continues, as Origen starts answering objections to prayer. The bit about Creation being tailored to humanity — and to each individual human — struck me as particularly neat, though all the free will stuff was very good.

Chapter 4: Objections to Prayer — Man’s Freewill and God’s Foreknowledge.


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On Prayer continues, with a chapter on objections to the practice of prayer. (Yes, I would think this’d be a no-brainer as much as Origen does, but I too have met someone who thought it was somehow wrong and unreligious to pray. The fact that he later lost his religion may not be totally unrelated.)

Chapter 3: Objections to Prayer


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Against Heresies continues, as Irenaeus finishes his little chat about the Antichrist. Includes an amusing discussion of why it’s silly to waste your time looking for names that can be transnumerated into 666, and proffers his own silly solution. (Probably soon to appear in a manga near you.)

Chapters 29-30


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Against Heresies continues, as Irenaeus tells us more about the Antichrist, the Last Judgment, and how both the righteous and unrighteous receive what exactly they want and have chosen.

A lot of us think of “Hell is separation from God” as being a modern interpretation, but here you see it fully developed by a pretty early Christian.

Book 5, Chapters 27-28


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