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On Prayer continues with a brief discussion of Hebrew words for prayer and how they’re used in the Old Testament. This is in the service of a movement back at the time which claimed that the Bible never mentioned “prayers” but only “vows”, and that it was pointless to pray to an omniscient God. Interesting, brief, and designed for people like me, who not only don’t know Hebrew but don’t even know how to pronounce it. (Sorry, folks. I picked something and stuck with it.)

So pay attention to Origen. He can tell you — bad Bible interpretation can be hazardous to your health!

Chapter 2


(It’s pointless to ask your mom to pass you something when she knows perfectly well you want it, but I never heard that was any excuse for not saying “please”…. But Origen will get to non-language usage arguments next week.)

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Against Heresies continues, with a chapter on the Devil and Daniel Webst… er, Political Science. These chapters describe how, since power does not derive from the Devil or anybody else, all political leaders are, in a sense, ordained by God. (Sometimes ordained to be a PITA.) It also describes how Antichrist was prophesied both in Daniel and the Book of Revelation, and openly interprets this to mean that the Roman Empire is ultimately doomed to fall. Bound to make a hit with your favorite imperial official — especially if he’s a Christian!

Book 5, Chapters 24-26


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