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Librivox.org reached its thousandth audiobook on Halloween. It’s amazing what people can do when they get together.

However, it’s also true that a good 50% of these books were read solo. So my approach isn’t all that wrongheaded — just quixotic. 🙂

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The Girl of the Golden West continues its Western love saga. The posse has left and the Girl is finally alone with Ramerrez, aka Johnson. But outside, Ramerrez’ outlaw band is still waiting….

Chapter 8


I apologize for my lack of books last week. I blame lost contact lenses, lethargy, and just a touch of laziness. 😦 The funny thing is that, if I can manage to start reading, it often gives me a boost of performance adrenaline. Not always, though. (And it’s embarrassing to have to stop and erase recordings when I start falling asleep in the middle! So if you ever hear my words start slurring, it’s not the result of stroke or overindulgence in any substance. It’s just me not catching such an occurrence.)

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