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Brain Twister continues, as Agent Malone learns more about the telepath that the folks at the lab used to have, and tries to figure out how to find a telepath to catch a telepathic spy.

Chapter 2A


I keep forgetting to mention that the Westinghouse scientist character, Thomas O’Connor, may be another borrowing by Randall Garrett of his real-life friend, T.A. Waters. Waters appears in more attractively nerdy form as Sir Thomas Leseaux the research wizard in both Garrett’s Murder by Magic and Kurland’s crossover fantasy, The Unicorn Girl (second of a series, of which the first was Chester Anderson’s The Butterfly Kid and the third was T.A. Waters’ own The Probability Pad, which I’ve never seen much less come across. If you’re interested, Cosmos Books apparently reprinted the first two-thirds of the trilogy in 2002 but rudely failed to inform me. The trippy covers are embarrassing, but serve as fair warning to the trippy contents.)

I also don’t know whether that T.A. Waters is the same as this magician/mentalist T.A. Waters, who seems to have some remarkably wise words to say about performance, art, and working with the public.  His observation is that a subtext of “I’m smart and you’re stupid” is guaranteed to make an audience hate you, whereas sharing a feeling that a certain art is wonderful makes the audience love you and the art. All too many of today’s writers and artists in all disciplines spend a great deal of time telling me that they’re smart and I’m stupid, and that they hate me and my little dog too. This makes me reluctant to share anything with them, from suspension of disbelief to money.

Michael Kurland is the only one of the folks above who hasn’t passed away.

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