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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, with ethical and metaphysical development of ideas.

Chapter 1C



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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, with a list of different kinds of idea development.

Ch. 1B


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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation is St. Thomas More’s book about dealing with trouble, written while he was in the Tower. These chapters say that studying pagan philosophy is useful, but argues that only faith in God can provide full comfort.

Book 1, Chapters 1-2.


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I can’t read Arabic script, so I don’t know what balatarin.com said about this podcast. But a lot of people have visited me today!

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Brain Twister continues. Special Agent Malone learns that his new assignment requires a mind reader.

Chapter 1



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Constance Dunlap continues, as we begin “The Blackmailers”.

The second part is a bit more action-adventure. Sorry I didn’t get it up this week.

Part 1 of “The Blackmailers”


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On the Incarnation concludes. Athanasius talks about the overwhelming power of conversion, and the immense lifestyle and character changes caused by following Christ, not only in residents of the empire, but even in uncivilized tribes.

Then Athanasius bids his reader Macarius farewell, recommending further study of the scriptures, doing what his teachers in the faith tell him, and working to make his life fit — and be fit for — his studies. (Something not much recommended by academia’s scholars today, which may explain a lot about their work.)


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