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Europe and the Faith concludes with Hilaire Belloc’s take on modern Europe and its future.

Chapter 10


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The Dark Night of the Soul concludes with a brief explanation of the rest of the second and third stanzas of the poem.

The concept of becoming closer to God at precisely those times when He seems absent, and of becoming taught during stretches when nothing is explained, is something very difficult for our culture of emotion to understand. We can see that in how strongly people have reacted to the “revelation” (announced years ago, but never mind) that Mother Teresa did not spend her whole life of service cuddled in a blanket of happy feelings and celestial light. Those who follow Jesus well are granted in this life the chance to drink from His cup: pain, abandonment, sorrow. But those who become more like Christ in this life will also be more like Him in the life to come.

Book 2, Chapters 24-25.



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The Dark Night of the Soul continues, with a chapter about how the dark night “hides” and protects the soul from the influence of the Devil.

Book 2, Chapter 23


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