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On the Incarnation continues. In an amusing consonance, this chapter (which I recorded outside during this morning’s total lunar eclipse) talks a lot about “the witness of the Sun and Moon” to Christ’s death and of the Christmas star to the Messiah’s birth. These and other amazing events prophesied of the Messiah in the Scriptures  were fulfilled by Jesus, and not by anybody else.

Chapter 6: Refutation of the Jews



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Against Heresies continues, as St. Irenaeus continues his defense of the body, and bodily resurrection, and salvation of the whole person. He points out that Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus and others proves that bodily resurrection can and will occur. Also, he points out that if the flesh weren’t going be saved, there’d be no point in Jesus becoming flesh and  there’d also be no reason for him to die or for us to have been saved by him.

(Since doubting the resurrection of the body and life everlasting is popular just now, these chapters are bound to come in handy.)

Book 5, Chapters 13-14


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as Lord Juss tries to free the condottiere Zeldornius from an ensorcelment of nine years standing.  (Or rather, circling.)

Chapter 9B


I’m sorry that Mivarsh Faz’s big song didn’t come out sounding as spooky as it should have. I think I was too happy about discovering the congruency between Herrick’s lyrics and the old Playford dance tune “Devil’s Nag”. Also, I didn’t have a harp about the place!

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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as bad luck continues to pursue Lord Juss and his people. So it’s no surprise that the expedition to Impland meets with a few small problems….

Chapter 9: Salapanta Hills


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