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Europe and the Faith‘s Introduction continues, as it examines what the heck was going on with Thomas a Becket that puzzles some historians so much.

Introduction, Part 3


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Europe and the Faith‘s Introduction continues with a short examination of WWI’s roots in early medieval history.

Introduction, Part 2


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Europe and the Faith will conclude next week (when I post Chapter 10). I didn’t want to forget to post the Introduction, though. So here it is.

Introduction: The Catholic Conscience of History



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The Dark Night of the Soul continues, as St. John discusses the “colors” of the soul’s disguise, and why the poem describes the dark night as “O happy chance!”

Book 2, Chapters 21-22


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“Security” concludes with a roar — and a sting in its tail. You can never make comfy assumptions when you read Poul Anderson.

Part 5


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“Security” continues, as Lancaster’s team hurries toward their goal.

Part 4


Contains singing and butchering of the French language. You have been warned.

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“Security” continues, as Lancaster settles into his new TDY job and gets to know his co-workers.

Part 3


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“Security” continues, as Lancaster travels to his new job.

Part 2


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“Security” introduces us to a mild-mannered scientist with a high clearance, living in what we gradually realize is a very unpleasant future.

Part 1


The late Poul Anderson was a writer of infinite variety, whom I defy you to define. He was also a true  gentleman of the old school, as I learned on the single occasion when I got to meet him and eat dinner with him (the con committee hath its perks!). I regard it as an honor to host this tale and adapt it to audio.

I am deeply surprised (as no doubt Project Gutenberg’s copyright mavens were, also!) to learn that he didn’t renew copyright on any story by him, even this obscure one.  (I wonder if it might have something to do with one of the female characters sharing his wife’s name. Probably not; this magazine was obscure and even Jove nods.)  But his neglect is our gain.

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