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Gerusalemme Liberata continues, as the pain of Love makes war even more bitter.

Book 20B.


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The Dark Night of the Soul continues, as St. John of the Cross talks about why this dark contemplation can be said to result in secret wisdom — not the secrecy of dark corners and Gnostic knowledge withheld from unwashed inferiors, but rather, a wisdom which¬† is too unlike anything else in the world to be put into words.

Book 2, Chapter 17.


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“The Palfrey” concludes, as the damsel mourns the betrayal of her hopes, and the knight returns to a very different wedding than he expected.

Part 2


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“The Palfrey” is a French medieval romance. I don’t know whether it was originally poetry or not, but Eugene Mason translated it as prose and Elfinspell put it online. Now you have the chance to read this tale that delighted lords and ladies long ago:¬† a cute, wholesome little story about faithful lovers, old folks who don’t consult young folks’ wishes, and a good grey horse with comfy gaits.

Part 1


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I don’t know if it’s just the cable company throttling my download speed, or bad internet traffic, or what. But I’m finding it very slow to load up anything, and particularly anything with any connection to Google. (Sites with ads, sites with Google Analytics, sites owned by Google….)

Unfortunately, wordpress.com does use Google Analytics. If you’re experiencing the same problems, know that we’re all in the same boat. So consider using my Feedburner feed, which may be faster at the moment. (Yeah, I know that’s owned by Google now, too, but at least they don’t seem to be using the same servers and sloooooow connections!)

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Constance Dunlap continues with the conclusion of “The Gamblers”, as Constance sleuths out the plot and figures out how to counter it.

“The Gamblers”, Part 2


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Constance Dunlap continues, as Constance meets with danger, intrigue, and high adventure — in the apartment right across the hall.

“The Gamblers”, Part 1.


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Sorry to dump all these segments on you at once. But I really do want to get on with this stuff, and it seemed best to finish up quickly.

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On Holy Images continues, as St. John Damascene lays it on the line.

Part 3A


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Pastoral Care ends with an extremely brief final part, advising the pastor who’s learned all this other stuff to stay humble and aware of his imperfections.

Book IV


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Book III of Pastoral Care concludes with some advice on preaching: don’t teach deep theological stuff to people who haven’t learned the basics or are having trouble with their faith; and teach virtues by your good example before you open your mouth.

Book III, Chapters 39-40.


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Pastoral Care continues with discussions of three pastoral preaching challenges: a diverse audience with all different problems; one person with sins that are opposites to each other; and being forced to temporarily ignore one vice in a parishioner, in order to attack another sin that’s attacking him more deeply.

Book III, Chapters 36-38.


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Book IV of Against Heresies concludes. St. Irenaeus denies that evil people are born evil “children of the devil”, but rather that they choose to imitate the Devil and his angels and thus become like them. Then he provides a preview of the plan of the next book, as he examines sayings of Jesus and epistles of St. Paul which are misinterpreted by the Gnostics.

Book 4, Chapter 41.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as Lord Gro speaks by night to the Red Foliot — of “peace”.

Chapter 3B


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as the Red Foliot tries his best to bring peace to the warring factions of Witchland and Demonland.

Chapter 3: The Red Foliot.


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