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I’m starting On the Incarnation mostly because the Pope just mentioned it the other day in his series on the Fathers, and a lot of people seemed to be interested in reading it. Also, we have available a translation from the forties which has risen into the public domain already. Yay!

Chapter 1: Creation and the Fall



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On Holy Images continues with some words on how images should be treated.

Part 3C


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On Holy Images continues, with some questions and answers about images: What is an image? Why make one? What kinds of images are out there?

Part 3B


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Against Heresies continues with two chapters on Jesus: that only He can teach and redeem us, and that He saved our flesh and blood with His.

Book V, Chapters 1-2.


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Against Heresies begins its final volume.

You know, I started this project to counter The De Vinci Code silliness. Now everybody’s forgotten all about said silliness, and this project’s not even done yet. I find this amusing.

Book V, Preface.


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Sorry I didn’t post last night. Not only is my ISP running horribly slowly, but so was I. Alas, it seems that I have not escaped the sinus infection which is running through my work group. (Bah.) However, I see no reason not to post later today, God willing and the sinuses don’t revolt. Showers are a good thing, and so is caffeine and the amazing camphor/menthol/eucalyptus power of Vicks VapoRub. (Especially if you stick it right between nose and lip, like the pathologists do.) (And assuming your nose is so stuffed up that this doesn’t hurt you; mine is.)

I have also noticed (finally) that I didn’t actually post a link on Saturday to the latest chapter of Belloc’s Europe and the Faith. I remembered to upload it to the page on archive.org, but that’s as far as it went! So feel free to go download it now. To keep things neat, I will post it officially on the podcast at the same time as the next chapter. (Otherwise, it’d be harder for folks to find in the future.)

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Against Heresies continues.

Chapters 3-4


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