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The Dark Night of the Soul continues, as St. John of the Cross talks about why this dark contemplation can be said to result in secret wisdom — not the secrecy of dark corners and Gnostic knowledge withheld from unwashed inferiors, but rather, a wisdom which¬† is too unlike anything else in the world to be put into words.

Book 2, Chapter 17.



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“The Palfrey” concludes, as the damsel mourns the betrayal of her hopes, and the knight returns to a very different wedding than he expected.

Part 2


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“The Palfrey” is a French medieval romance. I don’t know whether it was originally poetry or not, but Eugene Mason translated it as prose and Elfinspell put it online. Now you have the chance to read this tale that delighted lords and ladies long ago:¬† a cute, wholesome little story about faithful lovers, old folks who don’t consult young folks’ wishes, and a good grey horse with comfy gaits.

Part 1


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