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The Dark Night of the Soul continues with a look at the obscure companionship with God that is to be found in this “night”, and how things really do get better — even though it makes you feel worse.

Ch. 9: How, although this night brings darkness to the spirit, it does so in order to illumine it and give it light.



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The Dark Night of the Soul continues its examination of the good kind of emptiness and darkness in the faculties of the soul, with an in-depth description of all the unfun side effects God’s hidden purification of the soul has on the person being purified.Yeah, there’s nothing like not being able to pray or even concentrate. Or feeling that God doesn’t love you, isn’t listening to you, and that this will never ever change. Oh, yeah, and that anybody who says this is a good and natural stage of spirituality doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about.

(If you have been experiencing symptoms like these, jump on the St. John of the Cross train! It won’t help if you’re really experiencing this kind of spiritual darkness, but hey, at least it’ll give you something to while the gray hours away!)

Book II: Chs. 7 and 8: Continues the same matter and considers other afflictions and constraints of the will; Of other pains in this state which afflict the soul.


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The Dark Night of the Soul continues, explaining the grief, torment and darkness that the soul goes through in the dark night of the soul, as well as other kinds of pain it feels.

Book II, Chs. 5-6


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