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Apparently, Mr. Jeffrey Robert Adams is another of us crazy podcasters who cain’t say no. In his case, this has led to more than one podcast. He does BlendedFolk Catholic Podcast and Catechetical Comments, but that’s not enough. He also has not one but two audiobook podcasts: The Summa Cast, featuring readings from your buddy St. Thomas Aquinas, and the Catholic Audio Book Podcast, currently featuring The Imitation of Christ.

(It’s a rule, man. Everybody doing Christian audiobooks has to start with a recording of The Imitation of Christ. I’m pretty sure St. John Damascene included that in On Holy Images somewhere in his comments on CDs and tapes as an image of speech, but the editor must have cut it.) 🙂

He also produces The Jace Cast, and apparently co-produced both the eponymous Jace and his newly released brother, Jude Thomas Adams. Understandably, the pressures of the nursery tour have slowed down even the busy Adams pater familias, but stay tuned for more audiobook goodness this summer.

Sorry I didn’t link to this guy before, but I just found out about him via A View from the Catholic Trenches.

(Apparently, this guy’s buddy won a raffle, and he had the gift passed along to him, solely so that he could remedy this egregious lacuna in my knowledge of the audiobook podcast world. Ah, the mysterious ways of God.)

(Why, yes, I am slaphappy. Why do you ask?)


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