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Fatherless Fanny concludes, and everybody’s story is wrapped up. Even the dog’s!

Chapter 29 (end)


If you stop by the Fatherless Fanny page at archive.org, you’ll find a couple of bonus tracks, too. One is singer/songwriter Mrs. Opie’s popular ballad “Fatherless Fanny”, which may have inspired the name of the book’s main character. (No music, sorry. I really should write U of Colorado and get a photocopy of their copy of the sheet music.) The other is a letter to the editor from Clara Reeve’s literary executor, denying stringently that Fanny is the product of “The Author of The Old English Baron“. (And since The Old English Baron is online, it’s pretty easy to see that Reeve didn’t have anything to do with Fanny. Sadly, this sort of marketing ploy was endemic with publishers of cheap novels through most of the 19th century; and the authors had nothing to do with it.)

Enjoy! Thanks for listening!


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Fatherless Fanny continues, as we learn what happened to Fanny after she left the secret passage.

Chapter 29 (cont.)


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Fatherless Fanny continues, as its final chapter begins. Fanny finally hears the full story of her past, but her future is lying in wait….

Chapter 29: An Affecting Story Continues.


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Constance Dunlap continues with another of her adventures. This time, she’s a liberator of oppressed peoples and a sort of mad CEO! (Who keeps insisting she’s done with romance, but also keeps meeting cute guys….)

“The Gunrunners”


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