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“On Holy Images” is a book about why it’s not automatically idolatry to have images around — written by a Christian guy living under a Muslim ruler in conquered Damascus, and during the time that Iconoclasts controlled the Byzantine Empire (including the Emperor). St. John Damascene maintains stoutly that images of holy things are not only helpful, but were built into God’s plan by God Himself.

Yep, there’s some interesting stuff here!

Part 1A of “On Holy Images”


Btw, archive.org also includes a couple of sermons by Fr. Seraphim Beshoner from last year on what St. John Damascene had to say about the Sign of the Cross, and about Jesus’ descent into Sheol to preach to the Patriarchs. (Chewy Eastern Catholic goodness!)


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Pastoral Care continues, with thoughts on people who bewail their sins but don’t actually stop doing ’em, and contrariwise, those who amend their lives but don’t bother to spend any time actually regretting their sins.

Chapter 30


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Against Heresies continues, as Irenaeus tells us that, if you really want to understand the Bible and be a real spiritual person with excellent spiritual judgment, you have to pay attention to what the Church says.

Sounds radical, I know. 🙂

Chapter 33


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