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The GOOPFIC Project is a handy index of known fiction works that are full view books on books.google.com. Banshee says, “Check it out!”


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More Lenten sermon action with Leo the Great! The Attila-braving pope briefs you on some of those little Lenten obligations you may have been forgetting — like forgiving your enemies, and reconciling with them.

Sermon 8 on Lent (Sermon 46 out of all his sermons)


Of course you remember that I did one of Leo’s Lent sermons previously, but Father Z’s PODCAzT today covered part of Sermon 48.

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Pastoral Care continues with a look at people who get what they want in this world, and people who don’t.

Chapter 26


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Against Heresies continues, with a look at why Christians (and Gnostics) should learn from the mistakes and sins of people in the Old Testament, not think themselves better than them.

Book 4, Chapter 27


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