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Via Joy, I found out that Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are serializing a new novel online. They also have a friend simul-podcasting it. Fledgling tells the story of a university and school system of the future where a professorial mother and father and a student daughter are getting caught in the gears. But I have a hunch they’ll find a way to work the system instead of letting it work them….

Obviously, I haven’t read the end yet. But based on past experience? Recommended for fans of science fiction, romance, and/or cats.

(Miller and Lee are not only fun but reasonably reliable on common sense and values, although their novels do sometimes privilege situations which are not all that one might wish. This is about as wholesome as one can expect these days.)


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Status Report

I’m feeling a good deal better. A lot of my strength has come back and the itty-bitty bits of gunk in my lungs seem to have gone away. (At any rate, I can’t feel them and they’ve stopped making that disconcerting whistling sound. Oxygen is your friend.)

The problem is that this is still late winter/early spring in lovely Sinus Valley, so I’m still getting enough drippage to stay slightly hoarse. However, I did manage to make it through both choir practice and Sunday Mass up in the choir loft without exhaustion or some kind of relapse. I think I’ve turned the corner on this sinus infection.

However, I won’t be podcasting during most of Holy Week, because that’s a busy week for us in choir. And I won’t be podcasting during most of the week before, either, because this year that’s our “parish mission”, aka week of Catholic revival meetings. So all in all, I’m afraid I’ve not been much spiritual help to y’all this Lent, although you seem to have gotten good use of my back catalog.

(Spiritual warfare, or Somebody telling Maureen she should have knocked off podcasting for Lent? We report, you decide.) 🙂

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