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The Dark Night of the Soul gets rolling, with a review of the first stanza of the poem. St. John of the Cross then takes a moment to discuss the difference between beginners (still working on meditation, and trying to get to the stuff in Ascent) and progressives (people who’ve already started contemplation).

He also steps back to mention those bad attitudes and habits of beginners which can prevent them from progressing. He’s going to go through all the Seven Deadly Sins, but we begin with those connected to Pride. I certainly could tell he was talking to me!

Book 1, Prologue and Chapters 1-2



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Fatherless Fanny continues. The journey north to Fanny’s old home at Lady Ellincourt’s country seat proves uneventful. But the stops at inns along the way are only too full of incident.

Chapter 22: Tete a Tete


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The latest parts of Fatherless Fanny and The Everlasting Man will not be posted until tomorrow. I’ve been trying to figure out my new laptop’s new recording software, but it’s going slowly.

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