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Check it out! She reveals that the Vatican uses Linux, thus fulfilling Jesus’ promise about the Gates not prevailing against it. 🙂

Also, be sure to stop by vatican.va’s Lenten music pages, to download seasonal mp3s of the Sistine Choir and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. The latter includes chant you can use, and some polyphonic stuff, too.


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Christopher Morley was a well-known writer and literary man back in the day, as well as one of the founders (in 1934) of the Baker Street Irregulars and its scion Sherlockian clubs. So I’ve been meaning to post a mystery he wrote for the literary/booktrade magazine The Bookman in March and April 1921. Here’s the March part; April will come next week.

“The Curious Case of Kenelm Digby”, Part 1


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I figured that, since last week we heard about Daniel as a detective, it’s only fair to read you the bit where he gets to be a very young Perry Mason.

“Susanna and the Elders”


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