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It’s short but packs a punch. It tells you that Lent is spiritual warfare, and why the demons hate our guts. And it’s by the guy who turned back Attila the Hun.

What’s not to love??

“On Lent — Sermon 1”



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Pastoral Care continues, with a look at troublemakers and peacemakers; as well as people who twist and misunderstand the Bible, versus people who have plenty of learning and the right ideas but are too arrogant to follow God’s word. This part also includes advice on wise and effective preaching.

Chapters 23-24


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Against Heresies continues, as the good bishop explains that the faith in God held by Abraham and the patriarchs was essentially the same faith and trust that Christians have in God. He talks about how the patriarchs and prophets, inspired by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, laid the groundwork for the revelation of the fullness of God’s plan of salvation. Finally, he concludes by pointing out that this made it a lot easier to convert Jews than Gentiles, since the Jews already knew most of the important stuff. (Incidentally, this supports sociologists’ contention that a lot more Jews joined the early Church than most people think.)

Chapters 21-24


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“The Devolutionist” continues, as our Earth friends discover the strange truth about Capellette, and Powart makes his move.

Chapter 11: The Double World, and Chapter 12: Cause and Effect


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The Lani People continues, as our poor young space vet finally makes it to the end of his stressful first day. Not without a few more surprises, of course.

Chapter 7


I do want to keep mentioning periodically that this novel is not work-safe, and that it’s not suitable for young kids. Nothing explicit, but plenty of mature content and an unreliable narrator.

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