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Getting Ahead of Myself

For some reason, I was _sure_ that Ash Wednesday coincided with St. Valentine’s Day this year. But Ash Wednesday’s not till next week!

Please resume your Carnival and Mardi Gras jollity and feasting, and don’t put your Alleluia to bed just yet.


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Podcast Angst

Apparently, neither podcast.net nor Yahoo has updated my podcast feed since December. (They didn’t stop on the same podcast, though.) This sort of thing is discouraging, particularly since neither one provides any real way to complain or get help.

So if you’re using a feed and I suddenly disappear, you might want to check marialectrix.wordpress.com.

The new banner for Lent features “The Temptation of Christ” by Juan de Flandes (the same guy who did the Cana picture on the previous banner) and a couple of scenes from the marvelous Wildungen Altar by Conrad de Soest. (It’s actually still in the parish church, despite 600 years of turbulent history. Von Waldeck aristocracy for the win!) And yes, that one guy’s wearing glasses. There are a lot of unusual features about this altarpiece: St. Joseph heating the stable, the Twelve Apostles eating like college students and Judas bringing out a stashed fish, Mary present at the Agony in the Garden, the Bad Thief’s cross apparently labeled “Dismas”…. Look closely.

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I was having trouble finding anything lovey-dovey or Lentish today, so here’s the best I can do. Clement talks about love, about the quest for perfection, about great Classical women, and about the perfect wife. Not too bad.

Stromata means Miscellany, more or less, and it’s truth in advertising. Clement talks about lots of stuff. He was also Origen’s teacher, btw. They both tried to get people to be Gnostic — but what they meant by gnosis was a true, personal, bonedeep knowledge of God and His ways and love. (Conocer rather than saber, if you’ve taken Spanish.) Needless to say, they rather clashed with the “so-called Gnostics” and all their secret knowledge of the Pleroma and the Aeons. Nothing like a pseudo-intellectual or a pseudo-mystic to set a real mystic-intellectual off.

Excerpts on Love from the Stromata


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Pastoral Care continues, with advice on how to deal with people who are at odds with each other and people who are at peace.

Book 3, Chapter 22


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Against Heresies continues, with a look at how the Father can be known through the Son and His love and power. Also includes the famous quote about “the glory of God is a living man”. (Or as the guy on EWTN has it, “The glory of God is man fully alive.”)

Book 4, Chapter 20


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Against Heresies continues, with a look at offerings and sacrifices.

Book 4, Chapters 18-19


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