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“The Bacteriological Detective”, another mystery story from Arthur B. Reeves’ first collection of Craig Kennedy stories. Our crime-solving professor ventures into yet another scientific field….

“The Bacteriological Detective”


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The Nebuly Coat continues with another pivotal chapter, as Mr. Westray makes an important discovery.

Chapter 20


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State of the Podcast

Yes, it’s a boring stats post. It’s been a year and a third since I started this thing. Time to report.

Both my blog and this podcast are currently Slimy Molluscs in the Truth Laid Bear Blogosphere Ecosystem. Only with your linky support can Maria Lectrix stay clam and Aliens in This World be my oyster. 🙂 My most frequent linkers are Mike Aquilina at Way of the Fathers and the nice gentleman at In Illo Tempore, but I also get tons of people from being linked by Julie at Happy Catholic and by being on Amy Welborn’s sidebar at Open Book. I also received a huge boost when archive.org put me into my own section of Audiobooks, and by the kind reviews at sffaudio.com. Still, you’d be surprised how many visitors I get from single links on blogs, and I’ve been extremely gratified by the interest from folks far outside St. Blog’s Parish. That’s good, because literature belongs to everyone. I hope you all enjoy stopping by.

The podcast and blog were both honored this year, when T.S. O’Rama named me one of Ohio’s Greatest Bloggers.  I am embarrassed to be honored in such company, but proud.

The download stats from archive.org and the download stats from WordPress and Feedburner have begun to diverge. For example, archive.org thinks there’s only been 4 downloads of the intro to The Everlasting Man since Friday night; whereas WordPress counts 15, and Feedburner seems sure there’s been 16. Clearly, there are local copies of audiofiles being kept around somewhere. Not that it matters, but it’s interesting to know.

Here are my top twenty downloads from archive.org, as of January 22, 2007:

1163 – Fifty-One Tales, Part 1, by Lord Dunsany

918 – The Ascent of Mount Carmel, by St. John of the Cross (unfinished)

525 – The Rosary

446 – Dawn of Flame, by Stanley G. Weinbaum

390 – Fifty-One Tales, Part 2, by Lord Dunsany

382 – “The Sword of Welleran”, by Lord Dunsany

353 – Europe and the Faith, Part 1, by Hilaire Belloc

350 – The Eye of Osiris, Part 1, by R. Austin Freeman

311 – “The Blue Sequin”, by R. Austin Freeman

307 – The Eye of Osiris, Part 5, by R. Austin Freeman

290 – Little Fuzzy, Part 1, by H. Beam Piper

277 – Fifty-One Tales, Part 3, by Lord Dunsany

272 – The Red Thumb-Mark, Part 1, by R. Austin Freeman

270 – The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena, Part 1

269 – “On the Pleasure of Taking Up One’s Pen”, by Hilaire Belloc

256 – “The Ring of Thoth”, by Arthur Conan Doyle

241 – Annus Mirabilis, by John Dryden

239 – Against Heresies, Book I, by St. Irenaeus of Lyons

229 – “A Message from the Deep Sea”, by R. Austin Freeman

214 – “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came” by Robert Browning

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