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“Oration 40” concludes with more stirring words on Baptism (and some great stuff about the Holy Trinity) by this great bishop and patriarch of Constantinople, also known as “St. Gregory the Theologian”. In a time of dissension and trouble, he stood up to everyone including the Emperor, continuing to tell the truth about God despite everything. So he’s not just saying pretty words here.

“If your heart is written upon in some other way than as my teaching demands, come and have the writing changed; I am no unskilled calligrapher of these truths. I write that which is written upon my own heart; and I teach that which I have been taught, and have kept from the beginning, up to these white hairs.”

Part 3


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Pastoral Care continues, with helpful hints on how to admonish both gluttonous people and people who are always abstaining and fasting. Interesting stuff on the spiritual and moral problems commonly associated with each kind of behavior.

Book 3, Chapter 19


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Against Heresies continues, as St. Irenaeus emphasizes the connectedness of the Old and New Testaments.

Chapters 10-12


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