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Barring people who didn’t renew their copyrights back when they still needed to do that, the US keeps stuff in copyright for 70 years past the writer’s death. So… take a look at the “Life + 70” list from this year’s Copyright Day (ie, Jan. 1) and see if there’s anybody you’d like to read. Via Siris.

You’ll notice that everything by G.K. Chesterton is now out of copyright in the US, so callooh callay! *rubs hands together* Also all of Arthur B. Reeve’s books and stories. (Apparently including the ghost writers’ stuff. Heh.) M.R. James and A.E. Housman are now totally P.D. Rudyard Kipling, too, is FREE AT LAST!

Finally, all unpublished works by those who died in 1936 are now in the public domain in the US.

Btw, also via Siris, be sure to read this Westminster Wisdom post on the Blind Beak of Bow Street and the implications of his work.

* All stuff not otherwise copyrighted and renewed. Alas.

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“The Devolutionist” continues, as Smith sees through the eyes of an Capellan engineer and Billie watches an operation.

Chapter 3: Smith’s Mind Wanders

Chapter 4: New Hearts for Old


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The Lani People continues, as our young veterinarian goes on a job interview — and demonstrates the importance of reading the fine print.

Chapter 2


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