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In this ingenious 1911 story from the collection The Silent Bullet, a beautiful woman’s looks and life have been destroyed by skin cancer. Her respected doctor is being sued for careless use of his X-ray machine. Where can the doctor turn to find out the truth?

Professor Craig Kennedy and his reporter friend Jameson roam the streets of modern New York before the First World War, fighting new inventions in crime with science and technology of their own!

“The Deadly Tube”


Sorry for putting off reading The Nebuly Coat again. It’s a great novel, a good mystery, and (I think) interesting hearing; but it’s not the easiest book to read out loud, somehow. Also, my sinuses are telling me all there is to know about this weather front moving in, and thus I have a strong wish to contemplate the back of my eyelids. 🙂 See you tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of our Regency-contemporary Regency romance, Fatherless Fanny!

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