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“The Devolutionist” is third in a series of four Dr. Kinney stories, but stands alone. (You do get a brief precis of previous trips carried out in the good doctor’s sky-car.)  Published in 1921, this story uses a scientific telepathy device to carry our four protagonists to faraway places — beyond the solar system!

Ch. 1: “Out of Their Minds” and Ch. 2: “Back to Earth”


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Yes, I’m starting another short sf novel. I can’t help myself! It’s the perfect sf form! (And hey, it’s a 1962 novel that’s in the public domain!)

The Lani People by J. F. Bone has an unusual protagonist — a veterinarian fresh out of school in the far future. It’s another example of a theme that seems to have been in the air in the early sixties and seventies — who counts as human? And how can we live with ourselves, if we define someone human as less?

(This novel is not really themed for very young kids. Remember, teenagers and college kids are the backbone demographics of the sf market… and this novel was definitely written to appeal to older teenage boys. Ahem.)

Chapter 1


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