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October 17 was the last time I was able to post a chapter of Irenaeus here. But finally, Against Heresies continues, courtesy of those nice people at archive.org. (Btw, if you feel like making a donation or getting a bit of tax deduction, the Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, and CCEL are all good causes you might consider!)

Chs. 19-20: Jesus Christ was not a mere man, begotten from Joseph in the ordinary course of nature, but was very God, begotten of the Father most high, and very man, born of the Virgin. God showed himself by the fall of man as patient, benign, merciful, mighty to save. Man is therefore most ungrateful, if, unmindful of his own lot, and of the benefits held out to him, he does not acknowledge divine grace.



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Our 1891 medieval science fiction story, “The Brazen Android”, continues. (Sorry I didn’t post it earlier. Totally forgot.)

When we last left our scientific hero, Friar Roger Bacon, and our engineering hero, Friar Thomas Bungy (known to literature as Bungay), the Italian scientist and magician Malatesti (who inspired Bacon to design the Brazen Android) had just come to call. He makes for an uncomfortable guest.

Part 4


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Star Hunter continues as “Rynch” and Ras Hume have a little talk — with Ras Hume as Rynch’s captive audience.

Chapter 6


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It’s Science Fiction Tuesday, so it must be time that Star Hunter continues!

When we last saw our young hero, he had only bits and pieces of his memories and was trying to figure out what the heck is going on. But now we join him again just after he sees something that he does remember — something frightening — or rather, someone….

Chapter 5


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Cabbages and Kings continues, as we learn more about the spotty past of Clancy the tintype maker. Sometimes it’s a very bad idea to try and join a revolution….

10:  “The Shamrock and the Palm”


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So if you missed the fun of Fatherless Fanny, the perils of Gerusalemme Liberata, or the instruction of St. John of the Cross, simply look below this post! I hope all my fellow Americans had a very good Thanksgiving. I know I did! Sorry that the revels kept me away from posting.

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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues, and tells us about the dark night of the will.

Ch. 16: Which begins to treat of the dark night of the will. Makes a division between the affections of the will.


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