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Finally, “Of Patience” concludes. Thanks, folks, for being patient with me despite all the interruptions. Like Tertullian, I have a wee bit of trouble with this particular virtue.
Part 3


Btw, although I’m sure countless Christians down the years have prayed for the soul of impatient Tertullian of the overly high standards, it would be particularly nice to do so in this month of remembering the dead. Also, of course, ask him to pray for you. Assuming he wasn’t damned outright, he’s surely one soul determined to get the ear of the Lord and produce results!


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“On the Life of St. Martin” concludes with a postscript consisting of three letters. One deals with a story omitted from the book which proved controversial; the other two tell the story of events surrounding St. Martin of Tours’ death.

Part 5


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Pastoral Care continues with chapters on admonishing the generous-minded and the envious, and the simple and crafty.

Chs. 10-11


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