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Star Hunter continues, as Ras Hume discovers that a simple plan might not be all that simple.

Chapter 4


Btw, you can see the original 1961 Ace cover and the original Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller cover painting over at the Noreascon Retro Art Show catalog. Pretty cool, eh? Star Hunter was one half of an Ace Double. The other side was an abridged version of The Beast Master, also by Andre Norton.


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Star Hunter continues, as we begin our visit to the beautiful, hospitable planet of Jumala.

Chapter 3


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Star Hunter continues, as we meet a typical post-WWII Norton protagonist — a displaced kid with smarts but no family, no home, and no hope. This one finds a bit rougher way out of the port slums than most.

Chapter 2


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Since last week’s segment of science fiction was a bit dry, I decided to provide everyone with some bonus chapters this week from a different story. Star Hunter is a fast-moving noir jungle space adventure, which should contrast nicely with the creepy science worship of “The Brazen Android”. So thank you, Andre, for not renewing your copyright on this version!

Chapter 1


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This is the end of the first half of “The Brazen Android”, and for my money, this is where the story really gets rolling — because this is when we learn Brother Roger’s bizarre scheme. For some reason, sf writers love solving governmental problems by running scams and playing tricks, and I was amused to learn that this tendency goes so far back in the genre’s history.

Part 3


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