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So you can catch up with this week’s installments of Fatherless Fanny and The Ascent of Mount Carmel.


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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues.

Ch. 13: Of the benefits which the soul receives through banishing from itself the apprehensions of the imagination. This chapter answers a certain objection and explains a difference which exists between apprehensions that are imaginary, natural and supernatural.


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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues with another set of bad consequences of attachment.

Chapters 7-12: Which treats of the second kind or apprehension of the memory — namely, imaginary apprehensions — and of supernatural knowledge. Of the evils which may be caused in the soul by the knowledge of supernatural things, if it reflect upon them.


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Fatherless Fanny continues, and so does the chapter title and Fanny’s incredibly bad day. Meanwhile, Amelia finds a way to continue her hoax for a good long time.

Ch. 12: A Hoax!


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Fatherless Fanny continues. The Duke of Albemarle is struck by how much prettier his fiancee is than he remembered, and is told some interesting facts about the terms of the will by wicked old Lord Somertown.

Chapter 11: A Hoax!


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