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“The Brazen Android” continues. In fact, the cinematic opening is finally over, so now the story can begin. Hurray!

Part 2


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Say hello to “The Brazen Android”, a visitor from the early days of science fiction, before the blessed Hugo Gernsback came to save us! Though published posthumously in 1891, this story was apparently begun back in 1857. You don’t get too much science fiction set in the Middle Ages, so I think you’ll find it interesting.

A word to the wise, though — this story is extremely biased for and against its pet subjects. De Montfort was no knight sans peur et sans reproche; Roger Bacon wasn’t the poor pitiful isolated pre-scientist; and the language of Chaucer is not the sort of languages horses would talk if they could! (And nobody in this century would say science alone is the source of holiness.) But it’s worth a listen.

Part 1


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