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The third part of Pastoral Care is on the topic of how the pastor (now that he’s living a good life) should admonish his flock in different ways, depending on their various states of life and psychological formations. This goes into great detail and is given great thought. Useful insight into how to understand and approach one’s neighbor.

Chs. 0-2: Prologue. What diversity there ought to be in the art of preaching. How the poor and the rich should be admonished.



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Pastoral Care winds up Part II with a chapter admonishing pastors and bishops to remember to study the Bible, so that they can do their job as teachers and uphold the Church.

Ch. 11:  How intent the ruler ought to be on meditations in the Sacred Law.


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Against Heresies continues, as Irenaeus explains the apostles’ teaching about the Holy Spirit’s descent upon Jesus Christ at His baptism in the Jordan, as well as the importance of the Incarnation to the salvation of the human race.

Chapters 17-18:  The Apostles Teach that It Was Neither Christ Nor the Saviour, But the Holy Spirit, Who Did Descend Upon Jesus. Continuation of the Foregoing Argument. Proofs from the Writings of St. Paul, and from the Words of Our Lord that Christ and Jesus Cannot Be Considered as Distinct Beings; Neither Can It Be Alleged that the Son of God Became Man Merely in Appearance, But that He Did So Truly and Actually.


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Against Heresies continues with more writings to prove that the Gnostic separation of Jesus, Christ, the Savior, etc. as separate beings goes against all the apostles said about Jesus.

Chapter 16:  Proofs from the Apostolic Writings, that Jesus Christ Was One and the Same, the Only Begotten Son of God, Perfect God and Perfect Man.


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