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That Sinking Feeling….

UPDATE: It occurred to me that I hadn’t actually checked the WordPress Support Forums. Turned out this is the result of WordPress adjusting how they tabulate their feed stats. Everything should get back to normal soon. So please ignore my whiny post below.

I notice on my RSS feed statistics (as opposed to my browser visit stats) that I’ve gone from an average 35-40 feed folks per day, to 10, to 0. Meanwhile, the Feedburner RSS feed is working fine, and holding steady with subscribers.

Um, guys? Is the WordPress RSS feed not working?

Or did I do something to offend you? Are you too bored? Are you all watching the World Series?

What’d I do?


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The Nebuly Coat continues, as Westray spends some quality time up in the organ loft.

Chapter 12


UPDATE: Link fixed. It helps if I include the filename. *sigh*

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